About Bakersfield Lemon Law Lawyers

We understand the stress that constant car problems can create for you and your loved ones. Our mission at Lemon Law Relief Group is to provide you with personal quality legal representation for your lemon law case in Bakersfield. We give you a voice in the legal system so you have a fighting chance against large auto manufacturers when you demand what you’re entitled to. The legal team at Lemon Law Relief Group is tenacious in its dedication to the consumer’s protection. We are your advocate if you have an automobile that’s defective under warranty, whether the manufacturer is unable or unwilling to repair it. We have extensive experience with consumer protection laws and how they relate to your lemon. We will work diligently to resolve your claim at no cost to you. 

Superb Lemon Law Success Rates 

Lemon Law Relief Group is the right advocate for you, with over 99% successful claims in the past ten years. We work closely with you as true partners so you’re updated throughout the process. We proudly offer 24/7 communication with our clients to provide extraordinary service. We firmly believe that this contributes to our high success rates. We confidently aim to bring you a fast settlement that’s fair, like the 99% of our thousands of client cases thus far. Our tracks record and testimonials show that we are able to successfully settle your case. To learn more about how consumer protection laws apply to your lemon car, call us today. We can help you get what you deserve!  

Bakersfield California and Beyond 

Our office is in Bakersfield, CA, yet communication is able to be had over phone, fax, or email. This allows us to be flexible enough to represent clients throughout the state. We will work with you and all kinds of vehicles, representing each equally in the eyes of the law. Lemon Law Relief Group also provides lemon law services for non-English speakers and can represent you in French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and Armenian. We are happy to evaluate your claim details in your preferred language at no cost to 

You Are Entitled to More Than You Realize! Let us Help You!

Call our Bakersfield Lemon Law Attorney today and get what’s owed to you at no cost!